Beginner Driving Lessons

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Beginner Driving Lessons
Showing You How To Save Over £500 On Getting Your Driving Licence
We Make Passing Your Test…A Lot Of Fun!

You are about to change your life forever and that is no exaggeration, learning to drive is a skill which will stay with you all of your working life and will open up so many cool opportunities for you, from meeting new friends, to a better job, holidays and so much more.

What you need right now though is a driving school that can help you on your way with a course of beginner driving lessons. My name is Dave Ockwell and I have been a driving instructor for a long time and have helped many people get their driving licence. The secret, if there is one, is to make sure you learn key skills in your first few driving lessons, this is not about driving straight or braking…but a basis of how to drive safe.

To pass your driving test you need to learn how to be safe and that all starts in lesson one and carries through for the rest of your driving life. I’m going to teach you skills that become habits; then you don’t have to think about doing them and you become a tuned in, natural driver who is worthy of a driving licence.

I want to assure you on your first driving lesson you will be driving and you and I will do the best we can so you leave excited but at the very least having learned new skills and desperate for your next driving lesson.

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