Confidence Building

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Confidence Building
I Am Going To Help You Take Control
So You Can Feel Comfortable With Driving

These driving lessons are for people who do not feel 100% behind the wheel of a car, and do you know what…you are not alone! While all the talk is about learning to drive and having a great time, many learner drivers can feel anxious about driving, and with good reason.

If people were designed to travel at 70MPH then we would probably have wheels instead of legs, the fact of the matter is that driving is really new to us as a species so what often happens is our nervous system sends warnings to say “is this safe”. That is why you feel nervous about driving. So how do we overcome that?

Our special course is based on your comfort zone, keep you safe and allowing you to control the lesson and decide what you want to try. You see if you learn within the comfort zone your boundaries start to push back because you become more confident with what you can do. 

Before your first driving lesson, perhaps when you phone me, tell me about your experience and why you feel anxious. This will give you a great start because I will know about the safe environment you need for you to feel comfortable.
Soon you will feel good about driving, give me a call me now.