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Driving Test Rescue
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Failing your driving test is never a nice thing to do and 1 in 4 learners will fail their first test. Overall only one in two pass everyday, thats a 50% failure rate.
The reason why you have been failing over and over again is perhaps not really your fault but down to the training you have received.

I’m going to ask you a few questions, answer them just for yourself…

1. did you complete the progress report form your driving instructor should have given to you and were you classified as being an independent driver in all aspects?

2. have you passed a mock driving test?

3. Were you driving without any help at all from your instructor?

Those questions relate to before the driving test the next 4 are about the test itself.

1. Did you obey the Highway Code?
2. Were you in control of the car at all times?
3. Were you spotting hazards and adjusting your driving safely?

The last three questions are about the test and the reasons why you failed, overall you need to make sure you are spot on with all 6 points before you go into the driving test, if you are not the chances of failing are higher.

I can help put you right with corrective (but fun) Test Rescue lessons, we will work out where you went wrong, polish up those skills and get you going into your test a safe driver able of passing.

Give me a call I know I can help you