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Ask any learner driver taking driving lessons in Golbourne and they will want to pass first time, be a safe driver, not need to take too many lessons and to pay as less as possible. Seems quite reasonable, so I am going to show you how right now.

To pass your driving test you have to be a safe driver, so on your first driving lesson you will be taught how to control the car, how to spot hazards, helped with keeping to the Highway Code and encouraged to think like a safe driver. You and I are going to do this on every driving lessons because when you get to the driving test it is what your driving examiner wants to see, it's how you are going to pass first time.

Failing your driving test costs around £300 thats including the new test, the cost of the old test, and remedial lessons, so £300 is a big chunk of cash to save.

But there is more money to be saved and all without skimping on safety, in fact the opposite can be said. When you are learning a new skill you know that with regular practice you forget less, remember more and learn quickly. I believe you can save in the region of £500 just by doing the following.

To be insured on a parents cars for 3 months that could cost in the region of £300 for 3 months insurance, and if you take two to four hours a week professional average you will need fewer lessons than the average driver. If though you only take one hour a week and miss weeks you will need more lessons overall.

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