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It is great news you are ready to learn to drive and pass your driving test, my name is Dave, I have many years experience of being a driving instructor in Leigh and I know what it takes to help you become a safe driver so you can get your driving licence.

The driving examiners job is to make sure you are able to drive all alone without and help and assistance, so what we are going to do from your first driving lesson is work to the formula of safe driving.
What you need to be doing is following the Highway code, driving like a safe driver would want to do, to be in control of the car at all times and to have the ability to spot hazards and to avoid them. So if you learn that formula for every skill you need to be able to drive you are going to be able to pass your driving test.

Only 25% of learner drivers will pass first time and that is because they are not prepared and don't have the right levels of confidence simply because they can't be sure if they have got what it takes to pass. Failing your test costs in the region of £00, but by following this formula you give yourself every chance of passing first time.

You can also save around £500 on how you take your driving lessons. The average learner needs 47 hours of tuition plus 20 hours of private practice. Insuring your own car for 3 months could easily cost £300 and Im sure by using the following method you can take off 7-10 hours of the professional tuition you need.

All you need to do is take two to four hours of lessons each week. Sounds like a lot of money right? Well actually you will spend less. The average driver will take 1 hour lessons and miss weeks, the problem with that is you don't learn much, you forget a lot and you end up repeating lessons. But if you do it my way you learn rapidly, forget less and need fewer lessons. Makes sense doesn't it.

Call me today and I will be delighted to help you pass your driving test