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Taking driving lessons in Newton Le Willows has never been easier and today you are going to see how to save a massive £500 on passing your driving test.

Only 25% of learner drivers will pass their driving test first time and failing the test will cost you in the region of £300 so lets see where they are going wrong and how you are going to get your driving licence at the first attempt.

The driving examiner wants to know that you are a safe driver, that is what the driving test is all about, and this is what they are looking for.
You need to have the mentality of a safe driver, to be following the Highway Code, to be in control of the car at all times and spotting hazards so you can avoid them.
When it is written and explained to you that way, it starts to make driving much easier, and I will teach you these tactics in every single driving lesson

I personally believe too many learner drivers taking driving lessons in Newton Le Willows have far too many driving lessons and I think I can save you in the region of £500. Following my method you will not need to insure a private car which could cost you £300 for 3 months fuel and insurance. Also I can help you need fewer lessons, possibly saving you £200.

The average learner will take lessons where they have just one hour a week and will also miss weeks out. The problem with that is you forget what you have learned and you end up recapping loads of lessons which means you take too many. However if you did 2 to 4 hours a week, you will remember a lot more, you will need to have fewer driving lessons going over things you have forgotten to do. Makes simple sense.

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