Part Trained Driving Lessons

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Part Trained Driving Lessons
No Need To Start All Over
Use You Current Driving Skills To ZOOOM To Your Driving Test

If you have driven before then the last thing on your mind is wanting to start all over again. Granted there might be a few skills in the first one or two lessons you need to go over, but generally speaking you are past the beginner stage.

So what you and I are going to do is use your current skills as a basis for moving on, developing new skills, becoming a safe driver and good enough to pass your driving test. It all starts before your first lesson, I’m referring to your phone call. Tell me what your experience has been like, what you think you are good at and areas you believe you need to work on. This will give us a head start before your first driving lesson.

On the first driving lesson it is important for me to see how you drive, so just sit back; relax and drive. It does’t matter about the errors you make, you are supposed to make them because you are a learner. What I will then do is make you a lesson plan designed just for you to need the fewest amount of lessons possible for you to be test ready.

Assuming you have already passed your theory test, bring along your certificate and we’ll book in your practical driving test. This will allow us to accommodate lesson for you in my worked diary.

I look forward to helping you pass your driving test, just give me a call.